The Questions Song [Dame O 'The Don']

by Dame O Fitzpatrick

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[Dame O Fitzpatrick]
Wooooooooo...another track and this time, its based off my entertaining YouTube channel Dame O 'The Don', coursey of...

Myself & 'Don & Beech Records'

[Dame O 'The Don']
Hey everyone, this is something a little bit special...I call this 'The Questions Song'...
I asked people on facebook for any kinds of questions (Funny, Silly, Serious, Smart etc.)
and I answer them...#IN SONG# :D

vvv The questions are listed below... vvv

1. Which came first, the Chicken or the egg?
2. Why is The Rum Gone?
3. Do you sing in the shower & if so, what song?...or does it change?
4. How many roads did you have to walk down before you became a man?
5. if you had a friend from Mars, what would it's name be?
6. What rhymes with van?
7. Why did the chicken cross the road?
8. Yo man, why do I need to ask you a question?
9. A man rode into town on Friday, he stayed for 3 days and left on Friday, how did he do it?
10. Would you like to find a real Unicorn? And what would you name it?
11. Jack Daniel's or Whiskey
12. How do you seperate vodka & coke once it's been made?
13. When is a door not a door?
14. How do you drop an egg 4 meters without breaking it?
15. How do you unbake a cake?
16. What's so strange about musicians walking past a pub?
17. What's the best hand of cards to have in the card game 'Bullshit'?
18. Are friends electric?
19. What is the atomic mass of Gadolinium?
20. David Attinborough, Stephen Fry or Morgan Freeman, who wins & who would you have narrate your life?

Recorded, Edited & Mastered by...Damen Fitzpatrick
[This track is an original piece & all rights to the song go to Damen Matthew Fitzpatrick]

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Hey guys, It's Dame O The Don
this is my question song

The chicken or the egg, that's a difficult question
might I add a suggestion for you...
the chicken and egg could go well as combo
and I'll probably get hungry till noon

the rum's all gone cuz of bloody jack sparrow
he hit me on the head with his gun
he could have just shot me but that wouldn't stop me
yet he drank all the rum so he won

...thats a 50/50 and I'll
sing whats stuck in my head
again and again

what makes you think I'm a man
my nickname is peter pan
I'm the boy who will ever grow up....I am who I am



Bran, Man, Can, Spam, Damn, Ham, Lan, ram
sham, stamp, plan, than, pan and scam
so many words you can rhyme with van
like I'm rhyming again, oh god damn

because i punched it in the face, and I threw it in the fire
this is my secret desire
you might call me sick or a useless prick
but a KFC, you can't refuse it

I asked you can't take backs
thats lame and you know its a fact

Because Friday's the name of the bus
you thought It was a horse, well tough luck

*Spoken* Phill

JD's a bourbon and what kind of whisky
thats difficult but i'll just say both...

*Spoken* Mainly Jack Daniels

if i could find that out, I'd be defying the rules
in reality I dont have a clue

when you've hit your head against that door


seriously, I mean we've all done it before right...right...okay

put it in a shoe box full of cotton balls
thats the easiest question I know

There's a simple answer, don't you see
you jump into the time machine

That's an interesting question cuz musicians play in pubs
That's a mystery that will never be solve

*Spoken* there is no best hand...jeez

If they rub their feet against the carpet, shock you with their finger
then its pretty much a 50/50
you'd call him a twat and then you would fight back
this is something that I'd love to see

One hundred fifty seven, point twenty five
plus minus zero point zero three...u
don't know what it means, I'm a dumbass remember
believe me what I say is true

Andrew's got David & Gavin's got Stephen...
my choice would have to be morgan freeman

and that is my question song...thank you for comin' along
like & subscribe, you surely can't miss this
I’m dame o the don and what I do...

it's just business


released March 18, 2015
Special Thanks to...
Ryan Parry
Dan Allen
Ray Harper
Jack John Allen
Jasmine Ann-Marie Summers
Jake Hart
Michael McKenzie
Jamie Howlett
Laura Avenged Beeby
Rosemary Wright
Emma Saxton
Heather 'Hev' Wright
Chris Sharpe
Bethany Grace James
Holley Smith
Charlotte Willfailsatlife Tippett
Hayden James Rauri Gigner
Ali Loakes
Andrew Robert Daniel Wilson



all rights reserved


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